20 Things Not to Say to a Menopausal Woman!

1 I just sailed through it no problems at all

2 I have heard it can take about 15 years to go through it

3 Have you forgotten your HRT today hahahaha

4 Are you taking part in Movember?

5 We have ran out of chocolate

6 Ohh I didn’t want to say as I wasn’t sure – but you are
aren’t you.. you’re pregnant!

7 Don’t you think you are maybe overreacting

8 Let’s put the heating up a bit

9 It could be all in your head – after all ____ and ___ didn’t
have any problems at all

10 We have ran out of wine

11 There is something stuck to your chin.a hair or
something.. .oh um – it seems to be attached…
umm..oh sorry

12 Nice whiskers!

13 Calm down!

14 WoW! You have gained wei… umm I mean – wow you
look well

15 Let’s go out and stay up til 3am

16 It can’t be that bad!

17 Let’s go to bed – not to sleep – but to shag all night.

18 My Granny is going through it too – you are just like her

19 We seem to have no alcohol in the house

20 Check out what Gwyneth Paltrow is saying about it all

Twitter: @gallopingcatast

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